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Desperately Seeking Pro Font for Windows

Please help me! -
If you can ...

I'm really, really annoyed!

When I'm editing my PHP files at home on my Macintosh, I love working with Pepper, a nice text editor (regretably not available anymore), and a font called ProFont, which is absolutely great for programming.
It's monospaced, it's small (I set it to 9pt) but still very readable, so I see a lot of lines of code in my editing window but don't have any problems to read what I've written.

But when I'm in office working at a Windows PC, there's no ProFont.
And this is a thing I even hate more than working with Windows at all.

I've tried every monospaced font that was installed: Courier New, Small Font, VT100, Lucida Console - you name it, I've tried it.
I've spent hours searching the web for a Windows version of ProFont or at least an appropiate replacement.
I've found nothing that'll satisfy my wishes.

What's even worse: I have been informed that ProFont isn't working with MacOS X! I'm still working with MacOS 9.1 but I want to upgrade this year. No more ProFont with X? That's terrible!

So I'm desperately calling for your help!
But I think I better start explaining why I like ProFont so much ...

ProFont vs. Monaco

What's great about ProFont?

On the left, you can see ProFont compared to the original version of Apple's Monaco font face. This picture was taken from the ProFont distribution readme file and I think it clearly shows all the things that I like about ProFont: Look at the slashed zeros. Look at the distinct form of the uppercase i, the digit one and the lowercase L.

And this is really important if you're a programmer!

Moreover, I like small fonts in my editing window, as I said above.
Try to use a 9pt Courier New for editing, just try it!
It looks horrible!

Oh yes, Verdana is okay at 9pt. But Verdana isn't a monospaced font.

At this point, I'm really angry.
But if I think of the next thing, I'm transforming into the Incredible Hulk with my trousers turning purple and me saying »Aaarrrrgh!«

On my Macintosh, I've got at least three font faces that are fine for my purposes.
And I haven't found a single one for Windows!
Hey, c'mon! Usually there's everything for Windows and I'm seeking the Macintosh version.
There's gotta be an appropiate font for Windows!


Have a look at this!

ProFont 9t

This is a sample screenshot of ProFont @ 9pt.
It's great, isn't it?
This is what I'm looking for.
Do YOU know a Windows font which is as readable as this one?
At such a small size?

Mishawaka 9t

I really love ProFont, but if I hadn't found this great font, I still wouldn't be troubled, because I have Mishawaka.
It's nearly as readable as ProFont, even at 9pt size.
Since I couldn't find a windows version of ProFont, I've been searching for a Windows version of Mishawaka.

And guess what? - I did not find it!

Monaco 9t

And if ProFont and Mishawaka would be erased from my harddisk - well, I'd hate that, but I still had a font that I could use instead.
Because the newer version of Monaco is better than the old one shown above. Much better. A lot.

And there's no Macintosh without Monaco, at least as long the Mac owner wasn't stupid enough to erase that font file.


So, what can you do for me?


It's nothing much, really!
Just drop me a line ( if you think you know a windows font that'll satisfy my wishes.
And please tell me where to find it.
That's all I'm asking for.


What's left to say?

  • I've tried to convert ProFont to Windows format. I failed.
  • It can't be that hard to convert ProFont to a MacOS X compatible font. Could somebody please do it?
  • Please excuse my poor english.
  • Yes, I know: It should be »favourite«, not »favorite«!


Please, PLEASE help me!

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